How To Treat a Stiff Back with Physical Therapy in Boise

by Gavin Morrison on April 30, 2014

Most people eventually experience a stiff and sore back at some point. Occasionally these symptoms go beyond the one or two day period and become worrisome.


Most low back pain and stiffness is the result of the discs, ligaments and joints in the low back becoming irritated and inflamed. This often happens after activities such as lifting, digging or gardening. The primary motion that is most often the culprit is bending over.

Physical therapy for low back pain and stiffness focuses on getting the muscles to relax, reducing the inflammation of the discs and ligaments and strengthening the core and lower back muscles.

At our clinic we use heat, deep tissue massage, manual stretching and exercise to get the muscles to relax. This helps restore natural range of motion in the back and hips.

Once the muscle stiffness has resolved we focus on increasing core and low back strength to that the low back is no longer at risk for re-injury.

When a patient is finished with his/her therapy they have a comprehensive home exercise program that can be used to maintain the strength and flexibility they gains that have been made.

If you are suffering from back pain give us call to find out more about physical therapy and how it can help. 208-608-0958

Also check out our video on back pain treatment in our video library:

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