Physical Therapy in Boise for Joint and Muscle Pain – Kineso Taping in Boise

by Gavin Morrison on April 28, 2014

Kinesio taping has become a big part of sports medicine and physical therapy over that last 5 years. Most people who watch sports have probably at some point or another seen elite athletes with the multicolored kinesio tape on their arms and legs.

Shoulder Taping

I’ve had a number of patients who have greatly benefited from kinesio taping techniques for shoulder, knee and ankle injuries.

Kinesion tape is an elastic tape, meaning that it is stretchy. It is applied to the skin over a sore joint or a muscle. Once the tape has been laid down the stretch in the tape stimulates the nerves in the skin, which in turn stimulate the underlying muscles. This stimulation causes the muscles to hold the joint in a slightly different way, which helps alleviate pain in the joint.

Patients with muscles strains or tears also have relief with these taping techniques.

At our clinic kinesio taping is used in conjunction with traditional physical therapy techniques such as massage, stretching and strengthening to reduce pain and expedite healing.

For more information about how you might benefit from kinesio taping and physical therapy call us at 208-608-0958

Visit our video page to see how the tape is applied


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