Physical Therapy in Boise for Knee Pain – Mensicus Tear

by Gavin Morrison on May 1, 2014

I see a lot patients in my clinic who come in with a suspected meniscus tear int he knee. The meniscus is a ring of cartilage inside the knee that acts as a shock absorber between to two bones.

Meniscus Tear

A meniscus can be torn playing sports, with a fall or just wear and tear over time. Most meniscus tears are not constantly painful but cause pain with certain motions activities.

Many times pain from a meniscus tear can be treated with physical therapy. The therapy includes, massage, stretching and strengthening. The object of the therapy is to get the knee to point where it is pain free, strong and stable. With this type of therapy the meniscus does not repair itself but the knee becomes desensitized to the injury.

If therapy is not successful at getting rid of the pain then a surgery is generally warranted. This video shows what takes place during a knee surgery for a meniscus tear. For more information about physical therapy for knee pain call us: 208-608-0958

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