Physical Therapy In Boise for Shoulder Blade Pain

by Gavin Morrison on May 6, 2014

I see a lot of patients in my clinic with pain between the shoulder blades. Quite often there will also be some accompanying neck or shoulder pain and stiffness.

Parascapc Trigger points

The pain between the shoulder blades can usually be traced to certain tender points the you can put your finger on. These are often referred to as trigger points. They are tender points in the muscles that are caused by irritated joints in the neck.

Most patients with this type of pain do a lot of work where their head is in a static position for long periods of time, such as computer work (laptops), pharmacy work (counting pills), writing or correcting papers etc.

When the head is in a static position for extended periods it tends to lean forward in front of the shoulders. This creates what is referred to as forward head posture. This posture puts a lot of strain on the muscles of the neck and shoulders and eventually, as the muscles fatigue, the vertebrae of the lower neck to sheer (slide forward) on each other. When this sheering takes place it stretches and irritates the ligaments and soft tissues around the joints in the lower neck.

trigger points

By some process that has not been scientifically explained (I have never heard it) the irritated ligaments cause painful trigger points between the shoulder blades.

The most effective treatment for this type of trigger point pain is physical therapy. The therapy at our clinic focuses on relaxing muscles in the neck and upper back with massage and stretching, mobilizing (increasing movement between) the vertebrae of the upper back, and strengthening the postural muscles that hold the head up.

It is also important to make people aware of how head posture is related to their condition. Often a change in one’s workstation and an awareness of their head posture can make a big change in the day to day pain.

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