Shoulder Surgery in Boise

by Gavin Morrison on April 10, 2014

I had a chance to attend a great sports medicine lecture yesterday given by local orthopedic surgeon Michal Curtin MD. He explained the latest surgical techniques that he uses to repair tears in the tendons and cartilage of the shoulder. These are called arthroscopic techniques meaning that the repairs are done through three small holes using a camera (arthroscope) as opposed to cutting the shoulder joint open.









The camera is used to see inside the shoulder joint where the surgery is performed. The videos he presented in his lecture were recordings taken through the arthroscope camera. They showed how he uses surgical instruments to manipulate the tendons in order to sew them back down to the bone where they were torn away from.

figure3Dr. Curtin explained how he has to use great care and foresight in order to get optimal results (strength and range of motion) for his patients after the surgery.

Having worked with his patients in the past I’ve seen the great results he has been able to get for his patients. Not only is Dr. Curtin one of the best shoulder surgeons in Boise but he is super personable with great bedside manor which is something that is pretty rare in a talented surgeon. He would be my first stop for a shoulder surgeon here in Boise.

Many shoulder problems can be fixed without surgery but if you need a shoulder surgery I would start by contacting Intermountain Orthopedics in Boise. Follow the link below.


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