Is a physician’s referral needed for physical therapy in Boise?

by Gavin Morrison on April 13, 2014

Is a doctor’s prescription required for physical therapy?

This is a common question that many patients have. The answer is no. A doctor’s referral is not required for physical therapy in Idaho. Idaho state law allows physical therapists to evaluate and treat patients without a physician’s referral. If a consult with a physician is advisable for your condition or injury we always encourage you to seek an evaluation by a doctor or specialist but you do not need to see a doctor before you come to physical therapy.

PWCA few health insurance companies require a physician referral and/or pre-authorization before they will pay for therapy. However most insurance companies in Idaho will pay for therapy without a doctor’s referral. It is always advisable to know what the requirements of your health insurance policy are before beginning therapy. We are more than happy to verify your benefit details for you.

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