How to get rid of hip pain with physical therapy in Boise?

by Gavin Morrison on April 21, 2014

Hip pain with activity is often related to the deep rotator muscles in the hip. These muscles control the motion of your legs when you walk, run, stand and climb. If these muscles are not strong enough or are not being used effectively then the hip and the low back take a beating that will lead to pain.

Hip Muscles

This pain can be in the hip itself or in the low back. In either case a simple routine of hip strengthening will often solve the problem.

Strong hip muscles ensure that the motion of your legs during activities such as running and walking translate into smooth, well controlled motion at the hip and low back. Smooth motion at the hip eliminates the jarring forces that are usually the source of pain.

A physical therapist in Boise can easily evaluate your hip strength with a couple of simple tests to determine if weak hip muscles are a possible source of pain. If the hip muscles are weak then a home exercise program is prescribed that specifically targets that deep rotator muscles. A little strengthening in combination with some soft tissue massage can eliminate pain in as little as a couple of sessions.

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