Physical Therapy In Boise For Tennis Elbow

by Gavin Morrison on May 27, 2014

Elbow pain is often referred to as Tennis elbow. It is caused by irritation and inflammation of the tendons that attach the muscles that control the wrist to the elbow.Tennis Elbow

The tendons become irritated and inflamed due to repetitive strain such as pulling a lawn mower cord for too long, hitting a tennis ball incorrectly or repetitive work tasks that involve wrist motions.

The pain is generally on or near the bone on the outside of the elbow. You can pin point it with by touching it. There can also be pain in the muscles of the forearm (trigger points).

Tennis elbow pain is usually exacerbated with picking things up, especially when your palms are facing you. Knocking the side of your elbow against an object can also be painful. The pain can last for months and can become so sharp that you may no longer be able to grasp or lift anything.

Tennis elbow can last much longer than one would expect, especially if the activity that caused the injury is ongoing.  Tennis elbow is so persistent due to the fact that the injured tendons have very little blood flow to them. Blood flow is what promotes healing.

ellbow massage

Physical therapy for Tennis elbow primarily focuses on stimulating blood flow to the tendons. This is done with heat, massage, Ultrasound (deep heating), ice, stretching and eccentric exercise. Patients are also recommended to wear a light wrist brace at night to avoid aggravating the injury in while they sleep. A home exercise program of stretching and self-massage is also a part of the treatment.

A typical course of physical therapy for tennis elbow will last 3-5 weeks, 2 sessions per week.

Once the injury has healed the site of the injury may be a little sensitive to contact such as knocking the elbow against something but grasping or lifting activity will no longer be painful.

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