Physical Therapy in Boise for Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Pain

by Gavin Morrison on June 2, 2014

Are you tired of sharp stabbing pain getting up in the morning, the ache in the heel with standing and not being able to run or exercise? Well there’s a simple answer to your problem, physical therapy. Physical therapy is widely considered the most effective treatment for heel pain, also known as Plantar Fasciitis.


The pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis is the result of inflammation of a tendon in the foot, called the Plantar Fascia. This tendon is attached to the heel bone and extends forward fanning out to the toes.

Pain and inflammation of this tendon is usually the result of the repetitive stress of running or walking.  Running and walking can cause injury to the plantar fascia when the calf muscle is too tight, when someone has very high arches or uses inappropriate footwear during activity.

Plantar Fasciitis pain is very persistent due to the fact that the injured tendon gets very little blood flow. Blood flow is what promotes healing.

Physical therapy treatment for Plantar Fasciitis focuses on stimulating blood flow to the injured part of the tendon, stretching the calf muscle, managing foot structure problems such as high arches or flat feet and reducing the pain and inflammation.

The four primary treatments used in physical therapy are:

Deep Tissues Massage








Hot and cold therapy

ice massage






Calf Massage / Stretching

calf massage





Strap Stretch




Custom Orthotics







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