What Is MAT™?

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) is a revolutionary approach to the evaluation and treatment of joint and muscle dysfunction developed by Athletic Trainer Greg Roskopf in the late 90′s. Over the last 10 years MAT has become popular among professional athletes, physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Ankle MATIt has been used by many pro athletes to help speed up recovery from injury and address strength deficits and joint problems.

Many sources of pain in the body are the result of dysfunctional movement patterns and weak or inhibited muscles that put excessive stress on joints and soft tissues.

This results in pain and inflammation in the tendons and ligaments (sore muscles and aching joints).

Glut MATMuscles can become weak or inhibited due to stress, trauma and overuse. This weakness results in unstable joints and compensation by other muscles which can restrict joint range of

Over time this restriction, instability and compensation leads to injury, faulty movement patterns and a slower recovery after injury.

Soleus MATMAT is a neuro-muscular therapy that uses specific muscle tests and manual techniques to evaluate and treat restricted or unstable joints and inhibited muscle groups that contribute to faulty movement patterns.

MAT is performed in a clinical setting such as a physical therapy office or a training room and begins with a joint range of motion assessment to identify potential areas of dysfunction.

Once an area of dysfunction is found, a test, treat, re-test format is used to treat weak muscles that may be contributing to pain and instability.

Nerve Pic_edited-1When a muscle is found to be weak or inhibited, it is immediately treated with manual palpation (finger pressure) where the muscle attaches to the bone (tendons), in order to stimulate nerves (dysfunctional muscle spindles). The pressure from the palpation causes the nerves in the muscle to send messages to the brain (neurological feedback).

The muscle is then immediately re-tested for improvement. The nerve stimulation, the corresponding neurological feedback and the muscle contraction during the test has an immediate and profound effect on the nerve muscle connection, allowing it to return to normal function.

Psoas MAT_edited-1Once muscles have been treated and retest strong, they are then challenged
with exercises that isolate those specific muscles. Through a series of testing, treating and challenging, normal muscle function is restored permanently,  along with proper movement patterns.  This can happen in as little as 2-3 treatment sessions. Restoring or improving proper muscle function can help eliminate many sources of pain and improve physical performance.

MAT is used by physical therapists, athletic trainers and strength coaches to help speed up recovery from injury and improve performance in all kinds of people and athletes.

MAT is effective for:

  1. Optimizing rehab results in post operative patients recovering from surgery.
  2. Addressing the root causes of pain and dysfunction in everyday people who have injured themselves or have ongoing pain and stiffness.
  3. Expediting recovery from back pain, disc injury and sciatica…
  4. Helping with recovery in injured athletes…
  5. Enhancing muscle recruitment in athletes striving for higher levels of strength, fitness and performance.

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